Friday, August 29, 2008

Some photos

In our pre-volunteer part of our trip, we did some travelling. We've finally got a decent internet connection at a hotel that graciously gives free time, so here are some photos. I apologize for the incorrect temporal ordering...blogger makes it difficult to manipulate images. These photos are from kilimanjaro. The hardest physical thing we've ever done. 5 days going up, 2 coming down.


LLED 478 said...
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LLED 478 said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. It must have been breath-taking! Praise God for keeping you safe :D

(edit: i don't know why my username is LLED 478-- that was a course I took) ~ Linda

zoltan said...

It doesn't look like you're working hard. It looks like you're sleeping! I thought you had porters to carry your stuff up as well?

:). Take care guys. Keep up the blogs

Irene said...

woah... good for you guys!!! The pictures look pretty awesome :D Hope you both are now recuperated and ready for your next adventure.