Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mr. Tim

That's what they call me. The students, I mean. A bit of of a mix between formal and informal. It's nice. And many students want to learn DOS. But half of the class has never used a computer before. Only a handful have email addresses. And only 2 have computers at home. But most are very eager to learn. And nobody has an umbrella, so when it rains, people stay home. Most of the computers are infected with various viruses, and I'm trying to get antivirus software installed on them all. Which is a bit of a chore when none of them are networked and I need to use USB keys to do it (which in turn get infected upon insertion).

1 comment:

zoltan said...

That's a good nickname Mr. Tim-o-gate. I will make sure it sticks when you get back.
- Mr. Steve